Reviews for "[SG] gRAVE!"


il giv u a 3 for the music, u should put more action into it, it kinda just goes on and on and on and on and on and on

Just for this I'm joining you guys.


good. its ok!

i think its a good flash, but if it was having a story, and wasnt a loop it could get so much cooler. still, a good flas movie. nice animation, style, and music. i guess its ok. just add warnings for the flashing lights.good movie

DeathShades responds:

er... sure, circle, im gonna bend over backward just for you...

over and over

this is cool but it does the same thing over and over again so i get bored quick

DeathShades responds:

Well, yeah, rave animations are SUPPOSED to be never-ending...

I know it's looped animation, but good.

Looped animation, of course. But good animation and stuff.

DeathShades responds:

Thanks! It's always great to get a semi-useful review...

or at least one that isn't abusive...