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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


This game is amazing 5 reasons why. 1. The guard looks like a total stud with that armor. 2. The sound effects when you hit enemies or block. 3. Not to easy, but not to hard. 4. The music choices were stunning. 5. The special attack comes in handy alot of times. Only one problem though, when you blocking, you can just stay blocking for like an hour till your health gets back up.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you very much!
Im glad you liked it :)

About the blocking: This game was meant to be quite forgiving to the player and help him along the way. A lot of people have said that this game is way too easy. Maybe I did make it too easy, but that was the aim anyway. It is true that you can just sit there and shield your enemies forever while waiting for your health to recharge, but I think the punishment for doing that would be that its quite boring to do that, and I think that is a justifiable punishment to the player.

Thank you for your comments and its awesome that you found this amazing :)

very very good

at the beginning i thought it was nothing special although i did like the cinematic intro, as the game moved on the runing part with the credits was just brilliant and like some other poster said:"emotional".
Thank you for another great game I will be waiting for more.
Just a minor suggestion the heavy hit should have a longer reach or maybe even substituted by an ranged attack. The hardest part for me were the goblins cuz they had too many range and i too litgle if you know what i mean but i really liked the game.

Animation:10 (almost looks rotoscoped)
Script:10 (really liked the story although a little cliché but with a tasty plot twist in
the end)
Voices/Music:10(very good epic music.)
Drawings:9(seriously just need a little bt more work.... realism on human characters
would be good)

yet again thank you for a great game.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah you are right I really do need a lot of practice with my art skills still. But I think I am improving though. Thanks for the suggestions as well. I will consider everyone's input for my next game. These reviews really help a lot!
Thanks again :)

100 x times 10

(++) You created a great piece of entertaining art, man! As a relugar flash eater, I can say that I really enjoyed the game. It has very good flavor to me. Crunchy & Punchy ... Good work! ...

(++) Nice graphics and musical theme.

(-) Maybe the fighting system was a bit limited, but its not that bad, you know... Improvement will come from experience.
( Like... Paladin, for example. Wich is a game with advanced gameplay. )

Please, keep me entertained... make more flashes!!! :)

----------------------------/// Imagination, Land Of The Free ///-------------------------------

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks man!
Yeah Im still learning a lot as I go along. I still wont be able to make a game as great as Paladin, one of the coolest flash games out there! I have a long road to go before that. Like you said, improvement will come from experience. Thanks for those encouraging words.

And I will make more flash, dont worry about that :)


This was a tremondously great game!!! It had awesome graphics, a great storyline, also a great plot with even better characters that each had their own story! And as I was going through the game killing monsters it made me wish that I was the guy in the game! The goblin guy was a great fighter who was moderately easy to kill, the spider was moderately hard to kill, and the last boss was the hardest of them all! It took me 5 tries to beat him! However, the ending wasn't what I expected. And they probably were in a trance. It was okay though because it left me with that mysterious feeling as if it wasn't over yet. This is probably the best game ever and I can't wait for a sequel.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot!
Your review means a lot to me. It feels great when somebody else "gets" your vision. There will be a sequel and Im busy making it at the moment. Keep a look out for it in the next few months.

Good Game

Great game in my opinion, I love the hack and slash games, good graphics, good gameplay. It was a bit difficult at some parts to attack and block at the appropriate time, but I enjoyed it.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Cool, thanks a lot!
Glad you liked it!