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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

sequel please

i liked the game and the story line was really good when and if you make a sequel which you kind of have to. you should add upgrades, and maybe a way to change weapons.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the review and Im glad you liked it!
Yes Im making a sequel. And yes there will be...


This Game is awesome! Well in the Spider part is very hard especially the big one. I retried in that part 3 times before i got the tactic to defeat it. The graphics is quite good but thats not my priority. I focus in the story line. 10/10

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot!
Im glad you didnt give up in the caves and its great that you liked the game and the storyline. Thanks for the review!

good game

its very good but a little faster and also the enmys attack are annoy when there like 4 diffrent montsers with fiffrent attacks i cant swing so i just say add another move that doenst do much dmage but stops enemys from attack so much also the guard is such a lair everytime he says if you tell me where she is ill spare your life shes her the goblin said the the gaurd with one quick swing cut his head off thats very mean lol.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah :) The guard is under a lot of stress and does whatever he can to get information. He even lies. Well, he's not perfect and lives in a much more barbaric time than we do. Goblins are considered vile, and lying to a goblin to save the life of a Princess is not considered wrong in that world. Even killing a goblin without reason is accepted.

I agree with you about the moves. It would have been better if the guard had more attack moves and if the combat system wasnt so flawed. Many have complained about it and I am keeping it all under consideration while making the sequel.

Thanks for the review!


lol i love your games this too ! but you put the game twice its like part 1 and part 2 ? cool game i love it :)

SeethingSwarm responds:

Um, I didn't put the game twice. It's like part one and part two, yeah.
Glad you like it.

Still one of the best rpg ever. Awesome work

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you! :)