Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


The game is super but the storm peak cave is hard :D

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah those spiders are real pests and challenging yes, but you can beat them if you try hard enough... thanks for the ten!


I played Rise of a King ages ago and just came across this. Wow.

The introduction made the soldiers look really epic, and I love the way you integrated the credits into the game, it really made it an intense build up

Well done!!!!!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! That's the first time somebody mentioned the intro credits. I personally like that part of the game the most. :D

Perfect in any way.

The music gives it the last touch.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow, thanks! And yeah, MaestroRage's music is brilliant!

chef jp meant

you know toss the turtle that was a game of the week he means that it is the whole music in the game

SeethingSwarm responds:

Oh yeah. MaetroRage's music is being used in many games. Haha this game came out long before Toss the Turtle though. :) Thanks for the ten!


Thats what i am good in ....but i gave up at spiders cause i was bored..tired too (it's 11 o'clock here).... tried it 5 times......and so.... i have NO BAD COMMENT and i also think that the game so far was creative but hard.........keep it up pal 5/5 10/10

SeethingSwarm responds: