Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

It was fun!

It's a really fun Fantisy game, the story line was good too! I like the way that it was the Goblins who took the princess, and how the knight was brave and fought back. The music really when in to the game, it was making the game much more better and it wasn't so stuped, it was pleasent and nice to listen to. The animation of the charactors could be better but for me, it was already good enough! Altough the spiders scared me XD. Still, the point when you kill a goblin and he kills himself with his own weapon was funny, I admit, this game is good! But I hated the fact that it takes so long just to get to the end of the stage, the guy is kinda slow, and it takes a while to finish the round. 9 stars for the point of the long stages, it should have a running tool, but it was good for now, good luck on the other games :D real big fan of Armor Games!

i can give u candys if u let me touch you

nice game remember teh candys :3

no way you could make me play this

i have played this game every where it was to easy to short and there is no point

It's good

But the enemies attack to fast! If you're caught with 2+ enemies at once (especially spiders) you're screwed. It's a good game with decent graphics and a classic story but I'd tone down the attack rate a bit (and maybe slow down some enemies while your at it).

Awsome game

Realy good I found out about it from the squal and wanted to experiance the whole story