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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

HARD(but great!)

Well the first time i played this i tought it was crap, but i tried again and its a very good game but its very hard!

SeethingSwarm responds:

I tried to make this game easy and it seems like the combat system is a bit unbalanced. A lot find it too easy, and a lot of others find it way too hard. I'll need to do something drastic about that in the sequel. Thanks for the review, and Im glad you tried it a second time arouund.


It's a hard game, but once you get the hang of it, it's really fun and challenging.
Didn't have any trouble with defeating the goblins and other creatures, and stopped at the cave level to write this review.
The only points of criticism I want to adress are the fact that you have to walk everywhere, and although the scenery changes whilst walking, and it adds atmosphere to the game, these parts are simply too long.
I didn't use the ''heavy hit'' because it was too slow to do any real good. If you could make such an attack go just as fast as the other, only draining the special bar, that would be a lot better. The special attack was great for coping with those clusters of goblins with arrows/spears/maces and what not.
Perhaps an upgrade system would be nice as well, with better attacks, and more types of weaponry at your disposal (think Diablo)

The game is nicely drawn, it has a good storyline, and the music did not get annoying. I really enjoyed this.
Hope to see more like this from you in the future.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot! Im so glad you liked it. A sequel is underway and flaws will be improved upon as well as a lot of new and exciting things will be included... think Diablo :)

wow.....this game was awful

it looked good, dont get me wrong, you have talent. but may i ask as to why the "quick attack" and the "heavy attack" have the exact same speed? the only difference is how fast they repeat. they both take the exact same amount of time on the first hit, and in this game you wont get a chance to sit there holding the "A" key, you are to busy defending from 4 or 5 goblins or whatever using range attacks. jump was no help either. you try to jump over the mob, and you get caught and stunned in the middle. and may i ask why the hell you get stunned when you get hit if the game is a hack'n'slash. it's not a "maybe hit once until you get a group of three or more things hitting you then you stand there, unable to move, undable to dodge, any hope of using the special attack to save your ass because when you get hit it drains down so i just sit there like a quadrapaleegic, unable to do anything until i take a arrow to the skull......'n'slash" and by the way, why does the special drain when you get hit? i can understand it draining if you get hit if maybe it wasent so difficult to fight back. so basically if you try to fight back not only do you lose the thing that could save you before you can get a hit off, you get stunned and stand there and die. so your left with option A. stand there and block and never get the opportunity to get a hit in or.... option B. try to get a hit in, get stunned by the attacks coming in right behind each other in a continuous volley, and eventually take a axe to the face......in conclusion this game was fail.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Most people did not find this game as difficult as you did. Sorry about that, and sorry to disappoint you so much that you thought my efforts deserves no points whatsoever. Thanks.


you gotta do something abou tthis....
seriosuly...i played it right? then the first cinematic came up...then....i keep runing foward, and...."credits" were coming up....i kept running and nothign to attack, i serisouly thought the game was finsihed...someone else thought the same

"i beat it in about 5 min. but not bad"

you really gotta change something, or do something, lots of people will think the game ends where it really begins.

so here's what happened, after the first time i played it, couple days later, for some reason i felt like playing again. and so i found out.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow, Im glad you played it again and realised the the beginning was actually the beginning. I didnt think that people would get confused about it, because the first sentence of the credits says ArmorGames presentS in the present tense. When that happens with games like Half Life or in movies, people dont usually think its over.

I kinda like the part where the intro credits come up with the sunrise and everything. Looking at all the reviews, it seems that most people did not get confused by the credits at the beginning. Thanks for the review and the high score. So glad you liked it!

Do better next time

Try combo hits and no clear spot. I spent an hour walking and not a monster came up. Do better next time

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yes sir!