Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


but spider boss is too hard

Great game but...

its awesome and all but the whole "needle's five feet away and still hitting me" thing is a bit stupid. but overall great game

this game is gorgeous

but the repetitive game play holds it back from greatness.
Its obvious that you put a lot of work into creating an alive and vibrant background.
I love all of the little things like the sun rising and the rabbit that jumps on the rock and then leaves. They really make the environment come to life. The story was pretty well put together although a bit cliche because of the whole kidnapped princess plot. The cut scenes were great. The music was awesome. The only reason I got bored was that the fight mechanics were to simple. There wasn't anything to it beyond figuring out the enemies attack pattern and then blocking then attacking. Other than that, I loved it.


The graphics are great, but the gameplay could be better. Exemple: there could be combos, etc.

Beautiful but flawed.

I can tell the artists took care in the design but I can't stand the gameplay, it's too ghosts n goblins, without the extra lives...