Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

I'm not sure if it's entirely fair to critique such an old game, but we often learn best from looking back at our successes (as well as our failures). This game was composed well, but I can't help shake the feeling some of those songs have been used before. As for gameplay, well...

You had some brilliant use of the Heavy/Light/Special/Block combo that many fighting games use. In the typical fighting game, I often don't block or don't have to block to win; not so with this game. The way wolves travel in packs and you teamed up dangerous characters are just various ways you showed you knew how to set up mechanics and make them useful.

So the problem didn't lie in how the levels were set up; you did a beautiful job of that with the resources you had. The problem instead lay in how those mechanics were programmed. The hitboxes were way too big for both parties: the player's own hitbox should be entirely inside of all body parts (such as in the center of the torso), and collisions with attacks should be more precise. As for enemies, I was often able to hit them from a large distance with a sword (and vice-versa-- spearbearers often hit me from impossible distances). By shrinking collision boxes, you make fighting more realistic and close-combat than what we experienced here.

Additionally, the transition from one sprite to another does not always keep the origin (the 'center' actions are performed from) the same. I often found goblins glitching through my shield as the transition from one sprite to another moved them forward, just to make one example.

Introduction of mechanics ought to be slower and take place through gameplay, not force me to look to the summary for the control scheme.

To give some last feedback, cutscenes should be able to be navigated as if they were a slide show. The 'skip' option was a good inclusion, but I wanted to move to the next section of the cutscene-- not skip the entire sequence. Make sure that players can manually advance the cutscene with a key-press.

I think I'll go take a look at your other games when I get a chance! If you can, try and improve these details in future games (if you haven't already). I'm sorry about such a retroactive review, but maybe it's good to look back and see what you did right and wrong in your previous titles.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Well now this is a blast from the past! :D
Thanks for the in-depth review. This game is one of my first games I've ever made and yes, it has many flaws, but I did learn a lot from making it and from great feedback like yours. I'm actually still struggling with hit boxes and hit detection in my newer games, but I think I'm getting better. Oh, and yes I agree those cut-scenes could have been done a lot better by giving more control to the player.

As for the music, it has probably been in countless games and animations before. It was made by MaestroSegments (also known as MaestroRage) here on Newgrounds. The reason why I used his music is because it is amazing, at least at the time it was royalty free and not all of us possess the skill or the time to compose original music on top of programming, game design, animation etc... but I have composed my own music for quite a few of my other games. I do not see anything wrong with using somebody else's free music though. It helps to promote them!

Thanks for all the feedback, it's much appreciated!
Personally I do not think this game deserves only 1.5 stars all things considered, but I'm probably biased, and it's your review and your opinion :)

I played this for about 30 seconds and quit for no apparent reason.It's probably a good game too,i'm just a bastard i think...sorry.

SeethingSwarm responds:

ooOOkay :D


SeethingSwarm responds:


Nice Game!!!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you!

A good game. The graphics and the music are beautiful. The gameplay is smooth, but a bit repetitive... The story is also not that great. But those flaws do not keep the game from being enjoyable. Good job overall!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you liked the game! Thank you! :)