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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

a newgrounds great

this game is honestly one of the best I've played on newgrounds.the action
is intense,the music epic,the animation fluid,and the storyline is no slouch either.
I commend the talented author.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you very much. A lot of work went into this. I admit this game is not perfect and has quite a few flaws and glitches so Im glad so many people like The Rise of a Knight and Im glad you like it too :)

I've learned a lot form making this game, and now Im working even harder on the sequel for this game, so keep a look-out for it if you're interested.

Awesome job.

Really nice game overall. I agree with the person below me on the fact theres a single attack for each button rather than a series of combos. However, this is a great game overall, I might even go as far as to say addicting. Hands down one of the best action flash game I've played in awhile. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to that sequel! 9/10.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you!
Im trying to make the sequel better in every way possible as well as improve on some of the flaws and mistakes I made with this game. Hopefully I wont disappoint. Im glad you liked The Rise of a Knight so much. It gives me joy to know others find pleasure in my creations :)

I'll try to keep it up, and to get better as well, thanks for the review!


Loved the game! It definetly had a good story line and some humor in there. (imo)
I can see 2 problems with it though. Firstly is the fact that there's no save function. secondly each time u attack it looks exactly the same as the one before it. Either way its still pretty good. Kudos to you!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks :)
My coding skills are too poor to do save functions, sorry. I'll have to look into that and try to get better with programming. Yeah I agree with the problem you have with the attack. It does get repetitive if the main character only hits the same way all the time. There is another button for a secondary attack as well as a power move, but I know that's not what you meant. I'll keep your comments in mind for the sequel, thanks for the review!

Very nice!

This game is one of the best action games I've played. The only thing I didn't like was that there wasn't a difficulty option. ( I'm not very good at these games )

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot! I made this game to be easy and a breeze to get through, but the responses from many people made me realize how unbalanced this game is. Many found it too hard and others said it is way too easy. I dont know if its just different people with different skills and tastes, or if it really is the game that is unbalanced. Oh well, I'll try to do better with the sequel.

Im really glad you liked the game so much and that the flaws and glitches didnt spoil it for you. Thanks for the review!

good game

who ever made it is the best game i've ever played it would even better if your master died

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot!
Well, Lord Felkon isnt really your master, but I am currenlty making a sequel, so Lord Felkon will get his dues! :) Glad you liked the game, and keep a lookout for the sequel. Thanks for the review!