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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


I cannot believe how underrated this game is. It's really smooth-playing, has great art, and a good story. I CANNOT wait for the sequel. Great job.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! There's some screenshots of the sequel on my profile page if you are interested.


How the HELL does this only have a 3.64?!
You're kidding me right?

This should have a 5.0!

Absolutely amazing. I didn't play it all the way through because I needed to review it. I am about to play it again though. Favorite.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks :)
I hope you get to the end.

Alright but little negatives add up.

This game is amazing in every respect except the fact that the spider level is annoying because it's so hard to beat and every time you die you have to go through that whole thing again.

Also, it had no pause, that was another minus.

I really liked how the game made you feel, like it was pretty dramatic and believable.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, it would have been better with a pause button. Many have said that, so it will be in the sequel :) The Storm Peak caves is a place where many meet their fate, but once you know the system, its a breeze. Glad you liked the game.

Pretty decent for a first-in-series game

It was good, don't get me wrong - but there were a few things that might need addressing:

1) jumping is useless when you're up against projectile weaponry - even if you jump over an arrow or a thrown ax, you're brought down to the ground and dealt damage.
2) the graphics are good but inaccurate - I could hit enemies (multiple enemies, at that) with sword swings that didn't come close to touching them on the screen.
3) timing - when enemies strike, there is nothing you can do other than to take the hit or block it; if you attack at the same time, your strike is overruled and counts for nothing.

Other than that, the game is solid. While there's only so much you can do with a side-scroller "slash 'em up," this game does a good job of delivering on the goods. If you're interested in working on the combat aspect of the game, I'd recommend that you check out "Achilles." It should still be somewhere here on Newgrounds.

SeethingSwarm responds:

I agree, the jump and the hit detection could use a lot of work, and I have been tweaking it a lot for the sequel. But the timing with the attacks are not totally off key. Technically, if you hit first, you'll hit first.

Somebody else have told me about Achilles as well, and I have played it quite a bit. Its really cool and I understand what you guys mean. Thanks. Im glad you liked my game, and hopefully the sequel will be a less flawed. Thanks for the review!

kickass dude

sweet man i've been on newgrounds for 2 years and i've never seen anything this good(other that the mature stuff)i just created my account so this will be my first fav i never faced more than 2 enemieas at once i used the the special when 2 or more came like 1 time i faced 3 that was very hard this seems like an every day fairytale story but its different somehow and at the i was like OK LET ME KILL THE LORD i didn't like the look on his face it really made me wanna kill him i'm a little confused about the story we fallowed the goblins and there were none at the castle anyway great job man this was great and now i have to find something to match this..........i've got a lot of work for that oi

ps. great control system

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you liked the game so much. Concerning the storyline, well, Lord Felkon hired a band of goblins to kidnap the princess. By the time you reach the goblin camp they have already delivered her to him, and they have already returned to their camp. You slaughter them ALL, that's why there arent any at Felkon's Keep. And besides, he has to keep up appearances if he wants to get away with what he has done. At the end, everyone seems to think that Lord Felkon rescued the princess form the goblins, even the princess herself! Something is wrong, and it will all be revealed in the sequel...

Thanks for the review!