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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

Great game

I cant wait for the sequel. whr=en is it due?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks :)
Hmmm, I dunno really. Most things are in the game already and I would say Im definitely passed halfway. This is quite an ambitious project, so I hope sooner than later it will get done, but I dunno. 1 Month maybe?

its really awsome

but i can get throu all the goblins in the camp cuz when im blocking to regenerate a ton of um come to back them up and they kill me

SeethingSwarm responds:

When a horde of goblins attacks, they are much worse and more devastatng than just one single goblin. Time your attacks and build up your "focus" to do a special move when there are too many to handle in any other way. I hope this helps :) Thanks for the review!


It got boring fast because it was soo repetitive. If it had like a store and like upgrades it would be better.

SeethingSwarm responds:

I agree. With this game I focused on the atmosphere and art. Also setting a foundation for the sequel. It is a simple sidescrolling hack 'n slash game, nothing more, but do you really think my efforts deserve only four?


great game, only one thing i would have liked to have seen in this game,this is exp. points. great game overall

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you liked it! You mean like a leveling up system or something. It would be cool, but that probably wont be in the sequel either, sorry. There will be a lot of other rpg elements in it though :)

Pretty good!

The game had a cool style and a great gameplay. The length was chosen well because i didnt get bored at all. Nice work and keep on going!

SeethingSwarm responds: