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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


Good game pal, but you should add a save button and some real rpg elements like choosing in the "dialogs" or what are they what you wanna do. I don't like killing defenseless creatures, that is. :(

SeethingSwarm responds:

This was just meant to be a simple hack 'n slash. It was not meant to have any rpg elements in it. If you want a game with more dialogue and such, then the sequel might please you sir.

Glad you liked the game!

Probably my biggest pet peeve

it needs a save button. Not much else wrong, better than a lot of games out there. I got to the caves before I died about two times and gave up.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, that spider queen can be a bitch! Anyway, I did not have the programming skills to make a save feature for this game, sorry. I was still VERY new at making games when I made this one, and I still am. Thanks for the review!

great job

Great storyline and action.Sequel is also good but too damn hard.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Okay, glad you liked this one!

Disregard Sebine...

This was a great game that led to an even greater sequel.
Nice storyline, as well.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks :)

oh man!.

tha felkon guy, he's up to something alright!. RISE of a KING bebe.
love the plot stuff man. keep it up lol

SeethingSwarm responds:

Cool, thanks!