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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


LOL i thought that after you beat the first level and you get the introduction was the ending so i gave you a zero....sorry lol.Its a great game though,i love your art style and the best boss fights of any action game on Newgrounds.Keep up the great work.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Haha :) A few people thought that the intro credits was the end credits, so dont worry about it. Wow! The best boss fights of any action game on Newgrounds!? I'm flattered. Thanks! Really glad you like my art style. I focused a lot on the atmosphere of this series, so it's nice when someone appreciates it. Thanks for the review and for the ten!


i hate the spider queen its cheap!

SeethingSwarm responds:

EDIT: When I wrote this response I was in a bad mood so maybe it's a bit harsh, but I still think it's a pretty damn unfair review.

Cheap? No, it's hard and need someone with the ability to think strategically. You're giving me a zero just because you weren't good enough to get past the spider queen which is quite a big enemy almost at the end of the game. That's just stupid, unfair and bitter of you. The spider queen is supposed to be hard! I could live with a 3, hell, even a measly 1, but you believe all my efforts deserves a zero?

I'm definitely voting this as useless. You suck.

the game was great!

how do you make a game? with an game maker or wat? could anyone tell and teach me?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you liked my game :)

This is a flash game like all games on this site.
You need a program called Flash to make these kind of games. And yes, it costs money.

To make flash games you'll need to learn how to animate as well as a lot of programming bullshit. It will take time and hard work, but if you're persistent enough you'll get the hang of it and start making cool games. :)

pause button...

how do you pause it? or do you have to go on

SeethingSwarm responds:

Sorry, you can't pause this game. When I made this I didnt know how to make a pause function. It's actually quite hard to make time stand still :)

not bad...

needs something here. a save function. and what's the use of jumping if you can't dodge projectiles anyway? that pisses me off. that's of course how i died. like the fact that you rengereate HP while running tho. add to sequel please.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, the jumping was a pain for me to make. I constantly had problems with the hitdetection and other coding nonsense, but I think I got it to work a bit better in the sequel. Dont want to add the regenerate health thing for the sequel, because now there's a shop that sells health potions that you can choose to drink whenever you want...

I did not have the programming skills to make a save feature for this game, sorry. I was still VERY new at making games when I made this one, and I still am.