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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"


u should make a game like rise of a Knight/King but u could lvl up in it so u could increase attributes like str and dex although good game

SeethingSwarm responds:



The game freezes sometimes making the less to enjoy

SeethingSwarm responds:

The game freezes? I doubt that it has anything to do with the game, but more to do with your computer and internet connection speed as well as other programs running on your computer at the same time while you are playing this... I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you though :(

Abosolute shit unlike 2

Rise of a King is better than this.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, sequels usually have to be better. I also have had much more experience in making games with the sequel. If you thought this was absolute shit, then why did you give me a ten?! Thanks for it anyway!


Quite an enjoyable romp. Pretty neat for an early attempt as you describe. The music was fitting and the story was strong. Great to see some actual decent storyline in there to support the action.
I found the controls nicely responsive but a touch limited in range (heck it IS just a flash game) and the difficulty was just about right. I'll save any further constructive criticism until I've played the sequel. On that note - I'm off the play the sequel! Thanks for the entertainment with this one - well done.

SeethingSwarm responds:

No problem, glad you liked it :)


This was a pretty decent game, but I have a few minor complaints with it.

The first - jumping. I could be at the peak of a jump, but if an enemy on the ground swung, it would hit me anyway. I'm FAIRLY certain jumping shouldn't be like that, hm?

Another thing is how the attacks were on two wholly different extremes.

Heavy strike was almost worthless. It took so much time you'd often be hit by an enemy with off-time strikes before actually using it.

If you just ran forward using the quick hit the entire time, you could get past most levels without getting hit because you could somehow hit them from farther away than possible while they're still in the start of their attacking animation.

Next, the lack of a pause feature. Because the enemies were constantly in motion with you and you couldn't stand still, a pause function would have been great. As it is, you couldn't even click for parts of cutscenes. The only time you could take a breather and leave the game was at the very start of a level so when you die you don't lose any ground.

I found the thing about promising to spare someone and then executing him to be a bit dickish. I mean, I know it's safer to do that and cover your tracks, but it just seems inappropriate for the hero of a game, y'know?

This one isn't really a complaint, it's just a personal gripe - the cave was a bitch. =) It took several attempts to get past it.

This was decent, but it could have been better. I'm about to see if the sequek shaped up any.

SeethingSwarm responds:

I agree this game has a lot of things that can be improved upon. Sorry about all those things, this was one of my very first flash games and I didn't have much experience or knowledge about making games. I think I did improve upon many of your complaints in the sequel though...

And yeah, the hero is just a tiny little bit of a prick. I didn't want to make him into a totally goodie-goodie character :)