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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

I'm pro at this!

Pro Tip: Hold the A key and approach an enemy. If you're seriously worried about the occasional hits you'll get from ranged enemies block one of their attacks then proceed while holding A, you don't really need to block though as your hp will refill faster than your opponents can damage you in most cases. For fun, occasionally use the special attack. Don't worry about opponents attacking, since the attacks apparently run off of a hittest for the entire MC allowing you to attack the ogre's maces with your sword and still kill them. Ignore the S button for any purpose other than taunting the poor A.I. who can do nothing against your held A key.

To the author: This was by no means a bad game, but the gameplay is rather simple. You should put some AS in place to prevent the attack happening over and over when the player holds the key. Also you should use hitboxes or something so that enemies (and the player) take damage when their bodies are attacked rather than their weapons. Other than that, this game is pretty good at what the aim was, but I think you should have tested it out a bit more and tried to counter programming weak spots like that.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah you are right. I still have to work on improving combat scenarios in games,. Although I think I have improved a lot on my previous game (Swept to the End), I still need to get better. The reason why I made this so easy was mainly because most people complained that Swept to the End was way too difficult. (Its also a sidescroller) I dunno, maybe I made it a bit too easy this time. I've realised how to make the hit detection much better while making this game, but way too late in production to implement it into this game. It will have to wait for my next project Im afraid :)

Thanks a lot for your honesty and Im finding all these reviews extremely helpful!


I mean... it's pretty, well put together, etc etc.... but I can only have so much fun holding down the right arrow and the A key. Let's mix it up a bit shall we?

SeethingSwarm responds:

It is true that this game is easy. I didnt want to make it too difficult, because I simply dont think flash games should be that hard, but I understand that just hitting the A key over and over again can get boring. There are 2 other attack moves as well as a shield button. You have to shield every now and then if you dont want to get hurt, but with your health regenerating slowly, its not mandatory to do so. I learned a lot by making this game and I will definitely put more attacks or moves into next games. Thanks for the review man, I appreciate your input. One can learn much from people's constructive criticism.

that was pretty good dawie!

yea man, very well made game, and the music was very much well suited for each event, but i gotta say some kind of leveling up system would have been cool, like in that paladin game, or new wepons and armour or something, YA DIG? anyway cant wait for the story to unfold, hope to see you do bigger and better things.

SeethingSwarm responds:

It seems like everyone wants more moves and an upgrading system. I love the Paladin game. It was great! And yeah man I totally dig, more moves would make this better you are right and I will do that in the future now that I have learned a lot by making The Rise of a Knight. :)
Thanks for the review.

very good

very well done, the only thing i think it could've used was an upgrade system or more weapons / attacks, but overall a great game.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah you have the same opinion than "Major-Blood" below here. For me, this game was quite ambitious and Im just happy that everything works smoothly, but I do agree with both of you. Glad you liked it :)

Pretty Fun and Awesome

This is a really awesome game. I do feel that you should have added more moves for your character to do. When we jump in the air, you should have let us do a downward strike. And perhaps you could have added different weapons and armor from the bosses you killed, which you could change during the game.
The music was perfect for this game. It went so well with the story. I think that you should have also put in a pause button.
Awesome game!!!!

SeethingSwarm responds:

This game was quite hard to make and Im very glad you liked it :)
I do agree that more moves will make this even better and I will put that into the sequel of this game when I decide to make it. The music is great. I love MaestroRage and his alter ego MaestroSegments. I dont know how many alter ego's he has though. There might be many :)
Thanks again!