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Reviews for "The Rise of a Knight"

This was pretty bland

The graphics are excellent but there is not much gameplay- the vast majority of enemies may be beaten by holding A and Left. There are few and very specific reasons to jump, and you almost never need to block except perhaps once against ranged attackers, since the reach of your sword is equal or greater that of all normal enemies. Bosses can be beaten by running back and forth on top of them while holding A and using a special attack as you earn it to speed things along. This also means that the heavy attack is useless. Perhaps if enemies did more damage, were harder to get by, or you regenerated less health between scenes, this might be interesting.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, regenerating less health might help. I did intend this game to be quite easy and very forgiving to the player, but some people complain that it is way too easy and the A button along with running renders all the other moves useless. Well, you do need to block every now and then like you said, and jumping does have its uses even though it doesnt come often at all. The secondary attack has its uses against certain enemies and the power move is just plain fun. But that's just my opinion. I think I might have made this game a bit too easy. Thanks for your review, it had some helpful feedback in it.

You are giving me 1?

Nice game

To start, it has a good storyline, giving you a good feel of the background of the situation, rather than plunging you straight into unexplained action. The presence of enemies aside from goblins helps to keep it from boring, and the cutscenes come at just the right time, feeling like a well-deserved break.
The graphics and animation are also quite well done. The main character animation is quite smooth, making it feel like actual swordfighting, as opposed to random slashes. Due to this, the slashing motion takes a bit of time, and makes it a challenge to fend off hordes. While this can get tiring, it's a good addition to the gameplay factor: strategically timing your hits and blocks. Aside from the main character, the game world is brimming with life, from the rise and descent of the moon, to the birds flying about, to the butterflies fluttering over your head. There is also a small variety of enemies, giving you quite a bunch to think about.
Overall, the game feels quite professionally done. The background is constantly evolving and changing, the movements are smooth and the game in its whole is well put together. 10/10.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow thanks a lot. Its so nice to read a review where there is nothing bad said about it at all. So cool that you liked this game so much. I appreciate it a lot :)

Good So far.

I like the content of the game, it's simple and easy to get used to and all the tricks of battle are easier still to grasp.

The only grudges I have is the guard's slight delay before guarding, which does mean that timing is essential but sometimes annoying.

I'd like to suggest a couple more attack animations instead of the same one over and over again. Maybe 3 different animations for Light & Heavy attack just for the sake of variety.

The long walks, though interesting and suspenseful..are boring despite that, running for 2mins straight while whipping wolves and spiders to death gets old quick. Perhaps add some obstacles like broken bridges, mini-bosses, puzles?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot. You gave some good feedback and gave me some good ideas thanks. I love reading reviews and learning from them and this one helped a lot. Many people have been saying it would be better if the guard had more moves and some have also complained about the boring long walks. So that is definitely something to consider for my next game. Thanks again.

Very cool.

Really cool game, Once you get the hang of waiting out the barrages of attacks you recieve it really starts to get fun. I was really impressed with how smooth the animation for the main character was. Really cool, keep up the great work!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks. Great that you had fun!
I'll keep it up man :)


Simple, enjoyable. The style really fit with the game, though the sword could have been more aesthetically pleasing, I suppose. I enjoyed it, even though I died at the boss spider. I really liked how the game seemed to transition from day to night, and I barely noticed. I really enjoyed this, and I wouldn't be surprised if it god front page. I hope my 5 helps it there.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks a lot. Im really glad you liked it. The reason why the sword was simple is because the main character was just a normal guard of Furenhold with normal armor and a normal sword. He only becomes a knight at the very end of the game.
Oh and yeah your 5 will definitely help, thanks :)