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Reviews for "Bird Frenzy"

damn keyboard

it's not very good because not all keyboards can do more than 3 keys at a time


It was fun but pretty difficult. Why wasn't "G" included? That screwed me up a lot.


Hey!! Great! Awesome! kinda like guitar hero but harder XD

Only problem, when asked to do multiples notes (like four or more) the keyboard won't respond.

Don't know how that could be fixed, maybe u could be asked for two notes and slightly later (split of a second) for the second pair [after all that's what you are forced to do anyway].
If the game it's not programmed with this split of a second of difference, your birds star getting of tempo, they don't land on time for the next jump (or wont be able to do the midjump, whatever the case).

Keep it up!! XD XD


what the heck? nice game but worst game ever played no offense other games i play O.T.H

bird hero

dude this is an awesome game. it was easy to get better and better. started on crazy fast/normal, and slowly moved up. simple but awesome game.