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Reviews for "Russians again?"

Not bad

You got a lot of work cut out, it was alright like you said 'satisfactory'. Maybe need to improve your graphics, decrease volume of some stuff, if i could work on it, would be great. Well done.

3/5 5/10

Dew responds:

Bah. Like to see you do some better things. >_>

read below

First I'd like to say that you had surprisingly good voice acting, which can be rare nowadays. Second, its really short. I was kind of expecting it to go somewhere and it just suddenly ended (and by ended i mean looped back to the begining again, you should do someting about that) which was kind of disapointing. The animation was average to above average compared to most but was by no means some of the best I have seen.
So to sum things up it was a fairly good flash, but you should have taken it somewhere.
P.S. Not that it influenced your score at all but I don't think that russians dress like that. But i don't really know as I have never been there.

Dew responds:

Heheh, you're not a bad reviewer. Kinda' like my early days. This flash is an intro.

Too short

I agree with jeroldx on most things, though I didn't catch the clothing thing.
But something else that caught my eye is that endeavor is spelt with an 'a' in it.

Dew responds:

Haha, good eye. Write a review for the other submission while you're at it.

It was awright.

Nothing special. When I decided to watch it and read your comment, I expected more... Oh well. Better luck next time!

Dew responds:

Excuse me?


"Well there was several weeks spent on this submission and I found it to be of satisfactory level. The submission itself has very many intricate layers of art and is a true sight to behold. Hope you enjoy."

ur funny.

Dew responds: