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Reviews for "Russians again?"


it was ok

Dew responds:



I thought that the storyline was actually scary. Scary in the way that this might actually happen, i mean there was the cold war right? What's stopping them from doing it again.
Real nice job, I'd suggest more animation next time. I don't know how to myself, but putting a loading screen + replay button would be nice, actually scratch the replay button part. If Magical trevor dosen't need one neither do you.

Dew responds:

Ha,ha,ha, thanks for the review.

Meh...It was allright

This is certainly not an excellent flash but not saying that its bad either. Its good in its own storywise way, but flash is what we're here for, and I give you a 7 for effort.
Keep on making flashes and don't give up for whatever reason, you have a good thing going on here.

Dew responds:

Lawl, okay.

For the response

Hmm where's the proper bar preloader. A replay but would be nice so you know it doesn't loop. Huzzah for some of the graphics boo the rest.

Dew responds:

Thanks... >_>

Not bad

I liked the intro, it looked sweet. Neuclear war is coming, whether its soon or years from now. Makes a political statement ;)

Dew responds:

Haha, thx.