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Reviews for "Russians again?"


Well...you shouldnt have had the tlking . You should have just had subtitles. Good job though.

Dew responds:


not bad...

if it was a bit longer and had a longer storyline I would like much more. it was pretty good though. U promised a response!!!!!I WANT MY RESPONSE!!!!WHERE IS IT!!! I WANT IT NOW!!! I STILL DONT SEE A RESPONSE...fine... be that way

Dew responds:

This shall be your response. I'm good with what I say ;)


I always knew Russia would bomb Kansas

Dew responds:

Well someone has to.

the reason i'm rating this is due to the animation you could have done a little better my friend still good animation message also what song

Not bad

I liked the intro, it looked sweet. Neuclear war is coming, whether its soon or years from now. Makes a political statement ;)

Dew responds:

Haha, thx.