Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


omg... thats all... no but seriously i liked it. very original style. nice music selection haha

cool man

very 'Ren and Stimpy'. I'm gonna go check out Batman's hates his theme song. By the way, I've made a batman 'toon my self and put it on newgrounds a while ago, check it out if you get bored and let me know what yah think. It's a very different style then yours though haha


it was great dont listen to the ppl who say it doesnt deserve front page i thought it was kinda scary looking at first cuz of all the green teeth and stuff its kinda nasty but i would be really really fucking pissed if some one got snot on my sandwich


I threw up a little bit... STILL!! Awesome work! its almost like Ren and Stimpy!



vlaktemaat responds:

Thnx AWESOME display pic dude! :D:D