Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"



reminds me of the good old ren and stimpy

I like how the faces looked and the reactions, also the slow motion and creaky sounds. It reminded me of Ren and Stimpy. NIce work, keep it up!


it was simple but funny i mean the quality of animation was stupid but strange enough it made me laugh usuasly i'd vote 0 and try and give constructive critism but this time is different strangely...

you have a evil charm on this flash i know it!!! to make people puit this on forntpage and it sort of worked against me!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The anolagy

First you should make him talk. Why were his teeth yellow?Make it faster Dont make a 3 year old story line and if you dont like slow dont watch this

Nice, actually!

Great Job! Too bad it's too short!

vlaktemaat responds:

thnx! be sure to view my other vids!