Reviews for "Batman Hates Robin"


That's some great animation there. Really detailed and fluid. Kudos.

vlaktemaat responds:

thanks! this is my first movie combining tweening and animation


See!? I knew it ...I knew you would get front page soon...Since I've saw your DBZ parody, I knew you were destined for front page. I like your humor...A tad groteque....But that's what makes it hiliarious. Lol :3 Congrats. ^_~

vlaktemaat responds:


ok good

like the art and good plot over all 10 at 10

vlaktemaat responds:

cool thanx!!! glad you could enjoy it:D

Salt yes i said salt

Wtf? batman succeeded (or however you spell it) in putting salt on a sandwich ....and then failed on eating it?

tip for batman if you want to eat something keep it away from people with a cold :P

p.s put ham on it ham tastes better than salt

vlaktemaat responds:

well batman is a salty dog...so he likes salt ;)

man i love old classic flashes from newgrounds, warms my heart.