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Reviews for "Primal War 16"

This is pretty good but it's a bit too long for its own sake. Nice job nonetheless.

lol someday.........

I have no clue but a friend said that someone should make a hentai out of this and I said why, he said that the ratings would go through the roof, and now I have no idea why I just shared that, dang shrooms.

sh bam

the beastys got nailed


As I've come to expect, this flash had superior artwork and superior storyline. The movements looked real, the setting kept true and it still amazes me you still payed attention to the fact lionesses do most of the work, which is why all lion soliders are female. Or you wanted more boobs; I'm not sure which. That being said, there were numerous points that disappointed me. The first was the over all "milking" of the storyline. Not to say you want to make another fifty episodes of this flash (like one reviewer decided to state) but that the entire flash could have been capped up in a small montage scene rather than making it an entire episode. It seemed to drag on so much so that I really lost interest for the first time in the whole telling of the story. That's not to say I'm one of those "less story, more fighting" type of people, but this episode of the serise seems to be the exception to the rule. We get it, he's on the run, move on!


dem beasts is gettin fucked up