Reviews for "Sokar, Callisto & Zeus"

Ohh yeah!!
Only un theaters xd

The thing I don't understand is, if they could repair an agent using kelzads little head thingy, then why didn't they use it on an agent before him?

Kelzad responds:

The Redemption Device that Kelzad has is extremely expensive. It would be too costy to make more. It also contains an irreplaceable material, which can't be found anymore. The same material is in Zalmamdar's mechanical hand.

Cool bro.

I love this the R.E.A.L.M. series, but there's one thing I don't the: The characters' backgrounds.
I mean, I do understand what Yeelon is, but I there isn't a place where I can get everything else, incluiding what Zalmamdar's goals are or how does this series connect with the main series (Because I remember that scene where Kelzad and Yeelon watched the Auditor and Tricky's failed fusion).
Is there any place where I can get an idea of what's happening in this continuity?
... Well, besides all that, I think it is a great contribution to the Madness Universe. It is so well done that I think it could fit in the main series as an alternative universe, along with the main series and the Nexus series. :D

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