Reviews for "Sokar, Callisto & Zeus"

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(It`s awesome, thats what)

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Kelzad responds:


I love this the R.E.A.L.M. series, but there's one thing I don't the: The characters' backgrounds.
I mean, I do understand what Yeelon is, but I there isn't a place where I can get everything else, incluiding what Zalmamdar's goals are or how does this series connect with the main series (Because I remember that scene where Kelzad and Yeelon watched the Auditor and Tricky's failed fusion).
Is there any place where I can get an idea of what's happening in this continuity?
... Well, besides all that, I think it is a great contribution to the Madness Universe. It is so well done that I think it could fit in the main series as an alternative universe, along with the main series and the Nexus series. :D

Cool bro.