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Reviews for "Flanders Killer Easter Ed"


Pure genius! Please make a sequel o' amazing aprime... 'so much fucking sarcasm implied bitches,'


Aprime responds:


Now go add me to your favourites :D

It's great!

Just like the title says, it's a great game!

The graphics are decent, but that's normal when you make a game like this..
But I really like the holes in their bodys and the blood.
The blood is really good, not too much so it get's too messy but it's still there which gives players a great gaming experience!

The sound effects are perfect, not too much, not too less.. Just.. Perfect for a game like this..
I really like it when they characters are talking before I shoot them, it makes it funny to shoot them..

I have to give you a 10/10 for the originality, shooting some Simpsons?
Never saw that before.. that's why I give this game a 10!

And the thing I really like is that the eyes of Homer are following your mouse in the preloader.. It just rocks!

So basicly this game just rocks, I couldn't stop playing it...
Those simpsons must die!

Aprime responds:

"those simpsons must die" haha

although we are killing the flanders :D

thanks for the review

add me to favs

pretty cool

animation might have been more complicated, but this is a nice shootout...
i thought the bunny must not be harmed... 0_0

Aprime responds:

lol but the bunny gets more points!
It's not real XD


This is an awsome series ive been there since the beginning thank you for making these great games

Aprime responds:

You're very welcome! Releasing one again very soon! Stay tuned!


Aprime responds: