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Reviews for "Barney Vibe"


As a child, I plotted many ways to kill that damn purple asshole... but never did I think of death by dildo.

kool.He thoght the dldo was a rocket ship lol

I hate u .u hate me,were a fuckin' family and a kick,punch,take shit,dildo up the ass!,were not even a family! yay,yay,now doesnt every1 feel better?

I hate you you hate me

Bout damn time he dies. I hate you you hate me that's what the song sholud be. DIE BARNEY DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! MWA HA HA HA!!!!!!!


Mediocre Story, good animation, hee hee vibrators are funny!!!

not that funny

the dildo jokes were funny the first time. You pretty much just used the same exact joke the original did. The art isn't horrendous, but not too interesting. That sound the buttons make gets annoying too.