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Reviews for "Barney Vibe"


that was great seeing barney get his eyes gushedoutlol. the animation of him is also really realistic, welldone, keep it up!

Barney SUCKS

I gave u a 9 for humor because i hate barney and i loved seeing him got owned.


Fucking hell! I LOVE this! wh00t keep it up!


Haha this is funny, abit too much on the buttons though, you should have it run as one long movie or less buttons just for a better outcome, sometimes people dont like pushing all these buttons, but it made me laugh so all is good...


Very boring, ever so slightly funny, crap though

Well that was crap I guess the vibrator was kinda funny but not really haha funny, not as good as Scorpio Mercenery Group, I really don't like this at all. These old movies are basically all the same just crappy little sexual jokes.