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Reviews for "Barney Vibe"

Pretty nice

I liked the decent art/animation and the art style, but it could be better to fit today's standards. Some backgrounds would be greatly appreciated.
Voice acting would be a plus too, instead of reading some text(also I disliked clicking buttons all over the place). Did I mention it could use more music?
This video had some good laughs, you could go places with that. Just improve on the graphics and get some good voice actors and you're set.

Started out ok.

Nice anime style to start with, but it quickly turns into a movie without backgrounds and annoying text all over the place.
Halfway decent.

what do i think...

not really funny at all. the anim was ok.

Good graphics. Needs a more violent approach.

The graphics were good the shading and the detail was right where it was supposed to be. The animation could have been better it was almost nonexistent with the exception of the fireball thing and the vibrator toss. The idea was funny, who doesn't like to kill Barney? The inclusion of a more intricate background would have gone a long way and the joke could have been presented differently. Fast and violent is the key.


the good:
great humour in this one. and i think it's the first time i saw someone killing someone with a vibrator ^^.
the graphics were ok.

the bad:
some backgrounds would have been nice, and some music.

the ugly:
it's a very funny flash movie with some great random humour. but to be a really good movie, you should add some backgrounds and some sounds for the vibrator, etc.