Reviews for "~Happy Techno/Hands Up Song~"

Love it

I think it was really well put together.
You singing and using autune to it worked great. I can't pick out the mic being bad lol

Love the hard style esque break melody in there.

keosni391 responds:

Thanks :D The mic is actually very bad and cheap, perhaps my singing with autotune
make it good lol XD

really awesome!

loved it as i do with all your uploads!

which song did you use for it though? it sounds so familiar although i cant renember what it was called.

keosni391 responds:

Well i hope theres not a song out there who is like... worked so much on the melodies, anyway thanks for the 10 :D

pretty awsome

ill be playing this while im killing some locusts on gears XD

Nice song :P

Lol for some reason this gives me a positive and fun feeling. Great song though ^^

Hands in the Air

Amazing job you did, loving the very upbeat attitude, hands are up in the air....

It would be cool of you to revisit this song, say as a NewYears Remix, BPM'S a little higher ( they still are perfect at where they are at) , and some what of an extension,
I say this because of the very upbeat and not a care in the world attitude that usually comes at celebrating the coming of the New Year, Hell id be glad to blast this at the New Years Party I go to.