Reviews for "~Happy Techno/Hands Up Song~"


This song would be one of my favorites if not for the vocals... I love the tune and the sounds, but I never have liked singing in techno songs. It would be awesome if you could redo this song without the vocals. 8/10 because of the singing =/

Great job and keep it up!

keosni391 responds:

haha i have already done it by another request, it's called:

"~happy techno [no vocals]~"

you can find it on my channel,
enjoy :)

Pretty Sweet....

Good song. I like what you did. Very catchy.


I was unable to hear the lyirics?

keosni391 responds:

yeah, everyone does, read below ^^

I agree with "Hands in the Air"

Its a very fitting title. Anyways good song!

Hands in the Air

Amazing job you did, loving the very upbeat attitude, hands are up in the air....

It would be cool of you to revisit this song, say as a NewYears Remix, BPM'S a little higher ( they still are perfect at where they are at) , and some what of an extension,
I say this because of the very upbeat and not a care in the world attitude that usually comes at celebrating the coming of the New Year, Hell id be glad to blast this at the New Years Party I go to.