Reviews for "~Happy Techno/Hands Up Song~"

haha wow great to epic to be heard not bad at all did perfect work super epic man

oh wow too good to be real


Yeah there is something that is missing... I think it is just the bass...

keosni391 responds:

Well the bass is there ;) maybe some pads or something ;P

better than expected

but it almost feels like its missing something, like i had just made an awesome song but forgot to put my main pattern on.

I didn't mind the vocals...

They were kinda silly-sounding, but they weren't THAT annoying. The words (after I looked them up) actually were kinda cool.

keosni391 responds:

Like i said in a review below, a long time ago:

"I totally agree with you, many people don't like the vocals. The text is actually: "Feel the music like you never felt before, can you hear the beat and get to the floor"
XD LOL Just something that came up while testing my autotune XD, and by the way im from norway, so yeah.....
I already posted this song without vocals :D Its named
"~Happy Techno [No Vocals]~" you can find it on the left or on my page :D"