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Reviews for "Hit 'n' Run"

i liked it

it was a great idea, but some things need to be better, like i regained health when i ran into a gass truck, and i shot the cat from a distance and it came back to life and i ran it over and killed it again...


it's not the best graphics in the world but great music and a simple concept you definitely get me hooked


Good idea, but it got boring after a while, even with the powerups, needs more variety, maybe add some driving sound.

Not bad

Its a good start.
Nice idea.
Work on it, maybe give powerups like "accelerate" or "mass spawn people".
Also make it a little bit harder an add things, wich give you a little bit of change.
Its getting boring after lvl 4-5, same sounds, same highway, same powerups ;)
Not bad, but could be better :)


got 1003