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Reviews for "Hit 'n' Run"


Pretty monotonous. It's a good start, but you need better powerups and more danger. Also, there's some impact problems with the gun: whenever you shoot a car or truck, it acts as if you've hit it normally.


its not too bad. it does get boring after a while though. different vehicles or backgrounds would help with that. also, when you shoot a car with the gun you power goes down even though the car never hits you.


I think you should have made the street smaller or the car faster because I could not possibly take them all when there was two bikes on each side of the road, and two trucks coming towards me. Also I think the heal should not heal all your life because that makes it too easy. Still I like the idea.


spend like 2 minutes on it..worth i try i guess!


The music makes it enjoyable. But you should do something about the volume, increase the sound effects spectecularity, and maybe put some more uhm.. "efford" in it.