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Reviews for "Hit 'n' Run"


Well the game is ok.

Visuals= nothing very impressive.
Audio= very basic stuff.

BUGS= I discovered a walking stick figure Over a vehicle more than twice.
Also I can kill figures nearly missing them. Also when I kill a vehicle "truck" with a gun when it enters from the view limit it blows up and in the last second it resets itself like reviving.

Concept= It's nice, could be better. Oh and do include a Highscore !


its not too bad. it does get boring after a while though. different vehicles or backgrounds would help with that. also, when you shoot a car with the gun you power goes down even though the car never hits you.

Got potential

Its an addictive concept, alhough you could do with more power ups and it being less repetative, like adding turns into the road, different backgrounds, or more variety on the powerups.

Hope to see a more refinded model coming soon.

Not bad

Its a good start.
Nice idea.
Work on it, maybe give powerups like "accelerate" or "mass spawn people".
Also make it a little bit harder an add things, wich give you a little bit of change.
Its getting boring after lvl 4-5, same sounds, same highway, same powerups ;)
Not bad, but could be better :)

I was surprised

I thought this would be crap but appart, from the animation of the men, this was actually quite addictive. Especially if you got the gun. At least you tried to make an effort with the powerups and so on. Well done! Nice animation with the crashes of cars and trucks too.