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Reviews for "Hit 'n' Run"

Just no...

i completely agree with polkaroo. Just boring

Not Bad

Not bad, not bad. I must admit that I am suprised. This is by far the best thing you have ever submited into New Grounds! Sorry to bug you, but the grafics could use a little work. Also, when you run over the cat, there aren't any sound affects.
But still. Not bad.

you got to be kidding me

i cant fathom how this is getting 7's and 8's
I was bored after 30 seconds, graphics sucked, and gameplay was horrid.
if this is your GOOD game, I dont want to see your others.

Quite boring

Are stickman supposed to walk faster than cars drive? The cars, when you even drive within ~10 pxels of them, it is considered a hit.

After playing the first level I was already bored. It would be better if you could fix these bugs and introduce some other stuff like vehicles to choose from & maybe helicopters =)


i agree with post below me! there is wasted potential in this game...it was pretty fun to smack peds and whatnot, but it got repetive too early in the game. make it a bit harder, say with roadblocks and a default gun, like a pistol...also, try to work on the graphics! Nice try!!