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Reviews for "Hit 'n' Run"

Pretty Good

The idea is pretty good, but maybe you can improve it by making the graphics better, and if you kill the stickmen, you get money/gold. So, after each level, you can use the money to buy:

More Guns,
Slower/Faster Car
Smaller Car?
Able to take more hits? (more health)

:S just some ideas, pretty good overall

i liked it

it was a great idea, but some things need to be better, like i regained health when i ran into a gass truck, and i shot the cat from a distance and it came back to life and i ran it over and killed it again...

no one should suffer

fuckin lame only good thind is a lil blood no one should play thisgame its to dumb
this game stinks. wheelchairs in the street???????????????????????????????
?????? WTF

evan210 responds:

YOU stink.
You're level 2, you've never made anything, and you go around judging stuff badly that you don't even know about.

brown stuff

Ok I like dogs alot and is that brown stuff on the highway poo or a dog...

evan210 responds:

where i come from, they call those things "cats".


the idea is great but the game itself isnt that good keep trying