Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

pretty fun!

this was nice! it could be funner on the handheld systems, too...eh who cares, you did a good job! vault was too hard!


but back and menu button not working (try again button is working though..)

Matmi responds:

You need the latest version of flash

I like it

I like this game very much! The music made this game even more funnier! It was obviously made with love! Make more please.

Like it =)

I like the game =)
Nice work, good sounds, well done animation ^^
Idea also is good.
Add some other sports.

Matmi responds:

We made this game for free. It took ages. We might think about more sports next year!

Thanks for your review


Yay animals!!!

Good game, The javalin game was perfect. The hamster game was fun once i got the hang of it. However; i tried and tried but could not even get past the pole in the pole vault game even when it was touching the ground( the set bar). Maybe a short movie with concurent controls would help with that. Other than that good game!!!