Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

"menu" button

doesn't work. but other than that, great game.

Matmi responds:



i found that the first 2 events were pretty good although the third event didnt seem to work as i could never roll very fast or ump high enough.


I liked how everything looked as if it were hand drawn in cardboard.
This would be a fun, silly game but I can't figure out what to do!

It says bash keys faster to run, but that isn't working :p
I would suggest telling us the controls

Ur just a bunch o' aretards (not the authors)

Eveyone who reviewed that the menu button didnt work, the reason was that you didnt have the latest version of flash. The game prompts you to update, or the game might not work, or it may glitch (Duh!)


when it said press menu to go to next event, the menu button didnt work