Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

Funny and Fun

Its Funny Especially the rino part,i keep going through....Beside that It great to play this kind of game for a while.

I got 324 on the pole vault...

Now how do i get my name on the high scores???

Animals yeah!

Good game, The javalin game was perfect. The hamster game was fun once i got the hang of it. However; i tried and tried but could not even get past the pole in the pole vault game even when it was touching the ground( the set bar). Maybe a short movie with concurent controls would help with that. Other than that good game!!!

Fun Game =]

The controls are not hard to understand at all, and the look of the game is very unique. The Pole Vault was the hardest game, only because you have to hit it JUST right. I had fun, and I would play more games like this.

PS- If you can't figure out HOW to play the games, try reading the instructions...


Nice visual style and sound, but the controls realy suck, which ruins the game totally. Such a shame.

Matmi responds:

Why you have this problemo?

Have you updated your flash?

Look at the high score table. People playing the game well. Requires some skill.