Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

super! NOT!

BORING AS HELL!god the first javeneli game made me think "this totally sucks"and i got off.any way no stars for you!

Matmi responds:

How nice of you.
Your so funny.

Thanks for you comment

Read the instructions

and i quote

"You must have the latest version of flash installed!!"

I like the running :D


no white screens for me u gotta wait like 2 minutes not even for the blank screens to load people. and the only thing was the pole vault i couldnt get anywhere with that. i got the jumping and running and everything but never got high enough to pass the first level. the others were great though :D

Blank screens

All I got was blank screen on all the options

Matmi responds:

you are an idiot my friend.

Blank screen?

Every one of the three game choices is just a blank white screen...

Matmi responds:

what does it say in the instructions at the top of this page?