Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

It was pretty good.

The animation style was good i did like it, but the game was a little boring. like other people have said it isnt really anything new, but it was still pretty good. The music got a little bit annoying after a while. I had trouble with the Rhino jumpy thing, o.o; i couldnt get him to jump properly either.

Nothing new

The concept is old. Very old. The three games that you can play have all been done before, with no change, aside from characters. The instructions as well are quite confusing, leaving a lot to guesswork and knowledge of previous games. It would be a good idea to add more games, as I'm sure there are tons of sports that can be done.
The layout and feel of the game is decent enough, with the background music matching the mood quite well. It does get monotonous, but the simplicity gives it a good effect. The animals and props are drawn quite well, actually, and it seems like it would be a fun game for little children.
This game utilizes loading between screens. While this seems to be a good idea, as it saves you from loading parts of the game that you won't even play, the loading times are unusually long, specially for this size. If you must include loading screens, at least make it productive. A detailed instruction for each sport could be shown while loading, as to make it less frustrating.
Lastly, I don't know if it's just me, but the back button doesn't work.

Matmi responds:

You need the latest version of flash. Then it works fast.

Tis okay

I don't know, but the controls were kinda annoying, it kept saying no throw even though the bar was at the max on the Javelin throw.

loved it

everything but the hurdles. i couldn't get the hamster over any of them :( but obviously other people haven't had an issue with it. i would have liked the hurdles better if you controlled it with something other than the mouse rotating around it. but other than that it was great.


When you do the whole "bash z x" thing, it reaches a plateau at a certain speed and then stops accepting the input altogether. Almost a good game.