Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

Bad. Just plain bad.

The only good one, which has been done many many times, is the javelin throw. It's the only one that actually WORKS. You can barely move at all with the hurdles, and can't even jump on the pole vault. I will be running at top speed, place the pole down, and my head gets cut off, no matter when I plant it. It's either that or my dumbass thing just runs right through it... wtf? Please work on these things, and it would be a good game. The graphics were really nice, very appealing, and the animation was very nice and smooth ... just the gameplay was horrid.

Matmi responds:

I don't know what your problem is. Everybody seems to be able to play the game well. Thats why the scoreboard is full of brilliant scores.

Have you got the latest version of flash?

thar was wierd

good consept, i would suggest bettering your cintrols

damn glitches

pretty good animation
altough i couldnt move on
when i completed the first event
yould better fix this

Matmi responds:

You need to update your flash player...

6 because...

The pole vault is a bit glitchy. It seems that it is impossible to put down your pole while tapping to gain speed, and even after you get full speed and you drop the pole he does a halfed assed sort of flop that never ends up making it near the bar.

The hamster game was pretty innovative though. Moving the cursor around the ball to gain speed was a great idea.

Matmi responds:


You know you have to keep space pressed?

Great game but...

At pole vault, it seems like i accelerate slower each time, even though i almost broke my keyboard bashing on Z+X....

Matmi responds:

sorry, dunno why this is.