Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

umm it kinda sucks

the only way to pick a different game is to exit the game and reload it so yeah it kinda sucks i never put my scores below 5 but it really sucks cause the glitch if the glitch wasnt there it would be easily be an 8


its not my kind of game, but i would not write a review for this reason. i hate the zx combination. on my german keyboard is it pretty difficult and the game ignored my languagechange...


But the pole vault thing was way too hard you could have put some sort of jump marker on the ground. Anyways great game!

not bad

it was decent, different so i enjoyed it

Yay animals!!!

Good game, The javalin game was perfect. The hamster game was fun once i got the hang of it. However; i tried and tried but could not even get past the pole in the pole vault game even when it was touching the ground( the set bar). Maybe a short movie with concurent controls would help with that. Other than that good game!!!