Reviews for "Animal Athletics"

I thought this game was decent. It's a bit weird because I've played a lot of games like this and it just didn't seem to have anything that unique. What I did like was how the graphics were done in felt. I just found that so adorable! It was also nice to hear this cool music. It might not be too stylistic, but it's good. It does get a little monotonous after awhile.

My family would have to be the part where you throw the snake. It's mostly because it reminds me of those awesome games like "Toss The Turtle". There could have been some obstacles in your way, of course. Then again, that might not have been the point. It reminds me of the Olympics!


Hurdles just needs better controls, otherwise this game is good.


Love the sweet, cue graphics, like the music, god fun!



Awesome, but tiring!!!! :)


Graphics are very cute. Game play is somewhat hard, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

Love the hurdle event the best :D