Reviews for "Melons"


wow this is the best loop I have seen lately.

Wow that song is perfect.


Awesome! I dont get why they had to freaking stick a red-hot iron up their arse. If it were me, I'd rather just have the plant grow out my butt. That way if I ever want a melon, I'd just reach for my ass.


Great and well-written song, it kinda reminds me of something from India. The video was so random but had great graphics and animation.

lol thats got to hurt

Thats some funny ass stuff....quite seriously!
The movie was a little disterbing but I love the song!

Wonderful and humorous!

I really enjoyed the way you animate, and the loop made it stuck in my head for a long time. I know that sometime during Flash Class that I will burst into song because of this, or start playing it on my computer.