Reviews for "Melons"

I loved it

That's cool.
Weebl & Wonchop come together to make a loop!

It was enjoyable like always :]

LOL addicting some

I was listening to this tune for about 1 hour. just because I was working on a wireless adapter. and I didn't have time to turn off the animation. but it was pretty catchy in the first place.

love his music

i only wish i could download these. the animation is great (pay no attention to the last guys review) but the sync is off, slightly annoying. looking forward to more from you wonchop and weeble.

Wonchop + Weebl

Wonchop + Weebl?!? Cool! I liked this one. I always like the style of Wonchop and weebl! What a funny little movie.


I just can't stop watching this movie...its just that crazy, the song is catchy and the anamation is great and its hilarious.