Reviews for "Melons"

A bit freaky...

But I still loved it!!! You guys work great together! Cant wait for the next one!

Your melons are dead

This made me laugh, another great piece or work from the minds of Weebl and now Wonchop!

Catchy tune, Short and Simple, Funny, Good Animation

5/5 10/10

these flash loops have been really great

the music and animation were one of a kind i really hope to see more of this outstanding piece of entertainment.


Well, anything worthy of being on weebls-stuff has to be awsome. Kind of sticking to the fruit theme of lots of the toons, peaches, mangos, cucumbers (well, not a fruit), marrows (still not a fruit, but you get the idea). Made me laugh a bit. Keep it UP!

Good job

I always wondered what would happen if Wonchop and TheWeebl cam together and did a flash and this is the result.