Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

Skeleton = Scary...

I thought i was done and then the skeleton came out of nowhere :(

very nice

definitely worth a 10, very entertaining and MSTcrowT just walk to the other side of the map to see him doing the eye blast

really fun!!

really fun but kinda competative tried 3 times before winning i like the music and how he says the beard will devour u in the menu.

Fast and Furious!

Was able to get into it very quickly and thought was great, maybe if you plan on longer games ass a bit more varity, more moves, different stages, character custimization.
But what you went for was short and sweet and worked great

cool, insane, what are you guys on

cool game.

insane, i hope you got good health plan (i think you may need therapy)
but keep you the good work.