Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

An amazing game

It an amzing take on a Metal Slug boss fight...I can make it to the Red Crasher but then I get owned...HARDCORE...but thats what makes it fun...its so frustrating and addictive it makes you want to win...Please make a second with like...health potions or something

Absolutely Brilliant!

The best game I have played in recent memeory. The characters are well balanced, and everytime I leveled up, I felt truly rewarded (Well, maybe not Mr. Yellow Spear) All of these things tell me that even a 10/10 is not worthy of this game. 12/10!


Awsome, Last lvl is funny, skull is easy to beat though

I must say, at first glance, this game seems extremely difficult and short.

That may be, but its still AMAZING (Caps for extra effect). I first played this about 2 years ago, I thought it was impossible! All it takes is a little patience, and learning the bosses patterns (dark souls), then the beard will be crashed in no time! It has an awesome soundtrack and fluid animations, as well as shiny transitions to the other knight armors once you level up, a great blast and with practice, you can easily get all trophies and even beat the game without being hit! I played castle crashers to death, and it was great to come back to this and still have fun with it. Great flash.

Nailed it. Took me some time to get along with the patterns, though. I like how hard these games are first then eventually you will become sharp and own it.