Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

To get Fab Crasher...

Ok, here is the best way to max out your XP and get the last Castle Crasher (the pink one):

In the beginning, try to group together the graves, don't worry if you can't group them all in one go, but make sure that by the time you kill Tom, they're grouped together.

Make sure you have at least 2 lives before Tom turns into the skull, 3 lives would be best, but 2 as a minimum - just incase. (Sometimes his location is unpredictable)

Dodge Tom's first laser (The top one) - It's best if you stay on the lower level for the whole game. While he moves to do the second charge, get behind him, and mash A like you mean it. Hit A until your fingers bleed. And dont stop there, keep hitting A. Stop once he's done the laser though. If done successfully, you should've leveled up from Blue to Green (Plunger to Mace), with these few seconds alone.
As the bread(?) falls from the sky, hide under a platform, then quickly move away as it falls again. Make sure you dodge Tom's main attack, (beard spikes), by paying attention to when he sticks his tongue out. Attack the graves (while putting them in a group), while dodging Tom, and waiting for the next laser attack. Continue this until you have the Yellow Castle Crasher.
Now you have a choice - Tom should be near death by now (You could've killed him earlier, but you want to be fabulous, amirite?), so a) You can kill him and fight the skull, or b) You can repeat what I typed above, and get Fab while Tom is still Tom.
Personally, i'd choose option a), because I find the skull's attack is way easier to dodge. So, if you choose a), just dodge the skull's attacks, while occasionally attacking it, but mainly getting high combos on the graves (which SHOULD be stacked together in a group of 3-4). If all this is done correctly, you could beat the game without losing any life, and soon enough, you'll have enough XP to level up.

The Fab Crasher wields a lollipop, is pink, and attacks pretty fast. Oh and it shoots bubbles.




Fun game!

I must say this game was quite enjoyable... When I didn't realize how to damage and kept running away it was kind of boring but as you get used to it it's extremely fun... just ignore RogueDragon <.< if he can't dodge he obviously shouldn't be playing >.>

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tom needs to shave

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cant wait till i get this game its awesome i love it haha